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Replacement parts for Raven's 1 inch poly control valve. Raven part number 063-0159-445, Ag-Chem number 007287.

When servicing Valve:

    Replace valve body with iso-body kit (item 10) if valve has been leaking internally.

    Replace motor assembly if motor will not run.

    Before reassembling valve, remove the coupler shaft from the valve body. Apply Loctite RC-609 to the coupler shaft (item 5) and the woodruff key (item 4) onto the motor shaft. Plug motor into the valve connector coming from the Sprayer control console. Check that the motor rotates in both directions. Motor must stop when coupler shaft cam releases printed circuit board button.

    When reassembling valve, grease both sealing surfaces of coupler shaft. Insert coupler shaft into iso-flange and be sure seal properly seats on shaft. Install motor on valve body and apply silicon sealant to mounting holes. Reassenbke remaining items as shown in parts diagram.
An exploded view is located at the end of the parts listed below. See "Related Parts and Products" for new 1 inch poly valves.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG710501 Cover Valve Ref # 1 Call
  AG844380 Screw Ref # 2 Call
  AG708733 Motor Asm Ref # 3 Call
  AG708725 Woodruff Key Ref # 4 Call
  AG708728 Coupler Shaft 1 inch Ref # 5 Call
  AG708732 Gasket Cover Ref # 6 Call
  AG008943 Valve Body 1 inch Ref # 7 Call
  AG708731 Butterfly 1 inch Ref # 8 Call
  AG008942 Isolation Flange Ref # 9 Call
  AG008975 Iso Body Kit (not shown) Call
  AG708729 Polarity Reversal Jumper Ref # 11 Call
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