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Replacement parts for Raven's 1 inch ON/OFF valve. Raven number 063-0159-500, Ag-Chem number 709432.

Note: See "Related Parts and Products" for new 1 inch valves. An exploded parts view is located at the end of the parts listed below.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG428507 VALVE Ref # 1 Call
  AG053240 Valve Bracket Ref # 2 Call
  AG713386 Coupler Ref # 3 Call
  AG428573 MOTOR-ON/OFF NH3 Ref # 5 Call
  AG844336 Motor Cover Ref # 6 Call
  AG844803 Seal Packing Repair Kit Ref # 9 Call
  AG719869 Clamp U-Band Ref # 11 Call
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