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Designed as an optional feature for the SCS 440 or SCS 450 consoles, Rev. B consoles or later with serial interface, approximately 2000 model year or later. The addition of a pressure transducer will allow the operator to monitor spraying pressure.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG428121 TRANSDUCER Call
  AG059593 Pressure Tranducer Cable Console End 3 foot Call
  AG059594 Pressure Tranducer Cable 10 foot Console End Call
  AG726437 Pressure Transducer Cable Sensor End 6 Foot Call
  AG059595 Pressure Tranducer Cable 12 foot Sensor End Call
  AG726438 Pressure Tranducer Cable Sensor End 37 foot Call
  AG726439 Pressure Transducer Cable 44 foot Sensor End Call
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