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Ceramic XR TeeJet Extended Range Flat Spray Tips


  • Excellent spray distribution over a wide range of pressures: 15-60 psi (1-4 bar).
  • Ideal for rigs equipped with sprayer controllers.
  • Reduces drift at lower pressures, better coverage at higher pressures.
  • Ceramic is available with corrosive-resistant polypropylene VisiFlo colo-coded tip holder in 80º capacities 03-08 and 110º capacities 02-08.
  • Automatic spray alignment with 25612-*-NYR Quick TeeJet cap and gasket.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG054697 Tip XR 8003 VK Call
  AG054698 Tip XR 8004 VK Call
  AG054699 Tip XR 8005 VK Call
  AG054337 Tip XR 8006 VK Call
  AG054700 Tip XR 8008 VK Call
  AG055417 Tip XR 11002 VK Call
  AG426378 Tip XR110025 VK Call
  AG052877 Tip XR 11003 VK Call
  AG054378 Tip XR 11004 VK Call
  AG052852 Tip XR 11006 VK Call
  AG052638 Tip XR 11008K VK Call
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