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The SCS-Sidekick provides precision, automatic single product, chemical injection control of most Emulsified Concentrates (EC). The Sidekick is an affordable direct injection add-on to any existing Raven single product control console. The Sidekick enables current single product Raven console owners to gain precision injection capabilities without purchasing replacement consoles, cables, etc.

The Sidekick system installs with great ease. Simply route the cabling through the cab and out to the module, attach the console to the existing Raven console, power up, program and go! The Sidekick is available in high volume 10-200 oz. per minute and low volume 5-100 oz per minute configurations. Use the following formula to determine which system you need.
    Speed (MPH) x Boom Width (") x Rate (oz/acre) / 5940 = oz. per minute.
    Example: Speed is 5.2 MPH, Boom Width is 480", and rate desired is 48 oz/acre.
    5.2MPH x 480" x 48 oz. / 5940 = 20.2 oz. per minute
Note: Sidekick kits includes: console, cables, tank plumbing, and injection module. Kits do not include mixer or check valves. "See Related Parts and Products for 304 stainless steel check valves. A system drawing is located at the end of the parts listed below.  New Ratio Sidekick now offered.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG727444 Kit Side Kick with 24-Gallon Tank 5 - 200 oz per min Call
  AG727445 Kit Side Kick w/o Tank 5 -200 oz. per min Call
  AG426849 Kit SCS Sidekick Low w/o Tank 1-40oz./min Call
  AG426850 Kit SCS Sidekick Low w/Tank (1-40oz./min) Call
  AG426851 Cable Y Flowmeter (used w/Ratio Rate Sidekick) Call
  AG426525 Console SideKick Ratio Call
  511963D1 PUMP-INJ,RVN Call
  AG426584 Module 24-Gallon (5-200 oz./min) Call
  AG426852 Pump/Motor (1-40 oz./min) Call
  AG426604 Module 24-Gallon (1-40 oz./min) Call
  AG426853 Console Cable 15 foot Call
  AG426854 Product Cable 27 foot Call
  AG426855 Adapter Cable non-Raven Console to SideKick Call
  AG426856 Plumbing Kit (Need if choosing Pump/Motor Only) Call
  AG426859 Adapter Cable SCS Sidekick to J/D 4700, 4710, 4720 Call
  AG426860 Product Cable 3 foot SCS SideKick to JD4720 Call
  AG426861 Cable Boom SCS SideKick to JD4920 Call
  AG426862 Cable Boom Sense SideKick to JD4920 Call
  AG716642 Check, Valve 3/8 inch Call
  AG055835 Check, Valve 1/2 inch 8 GPM Call
  AG426076 Check Valve 1 inch 14 GPM Call
  AG426077 Check Valve 1-1/4 inch 22 GPM Call
  AG716641 Check Valve 2 inch SS 70 GPM Call
  AG710752 Inline Mixer 1-1/4 inch (F)NPT - Poly Call
  AG055833 Inline Mixer 2 inch (F) Poly Call
  AG426863 Mixer Flow Asm 1 inch NPT Call
  AG608935 Inline Mixer 3 inch (M)NPT - Stainless Steel Call
  AG137965 Mixer Flow Asm 1 inch Cast Iron Call
  AG331407 SIde Kick Breaker Kit Call
  AG426864 Can Motor Control w/o Agitator Control Kit Call
  AG426865 Can Motor Control w/Agitator Control Kit Call
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