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VisiFlo® Spray Tips, 80°

  • The tip bodies are color coded for easy identification of spray tip size on the spray boom . . . thus providing easy color matchups.
  • VisiFlo TeeJet tips can be used with Quick TeeJet or TeeJet Spray Nozzle bodies and fit all farm sprayers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG054404 Tip 80015 VP Call
  AG054405 Tip 8002 VP Call
  AG054406 Tip 8003 VP Call
  AG054407 Tip 8004 VP Call
  AG054408 Tip 8005 VP Call
  AG054410 Tip 8008 VP Call
  6641237 TIP/25 Call
  6641251 TIP/STAIN Call
  6641239 TIP/STAIN Call
  AG006472 Tip TP 8003 VS Blue Call
  6641243 TIP/25 Call
  AG006474 Tip TP 8005 VS Brown Call
  6641247 TIP/25 Call
  6641249 TIP/25 Call
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