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    554, 854, 864, 1064, 1254, and 1264 Rogator flotation tires.
Notes: *Bolt and washers are not included with this option! Thread depth needs to be measured to find proper bolt length. Bolt sizes are listed below. **Bolts and washers included with this option. ***If you are using p/n 523111 to replace p/n 521691 you will want to screw the bolt all the way into the wheel motor and measure the distance from the bolt head to the face of the wheel motor. If the distance is more than the thickness of the rim you will need to add washers.

  SKU Description Ref. # Price Quantity
  AG521691 Bolt M20-1.5x55 mm (854) N/A Call
  AG523111 Bolt M20-1.5 x 60 mm (854) *** Call
  AG521690 Washer 1.88 x .25 (854) N/A Call
  AG522363 Bolt M22-1.5 x 55mm (1254) N/A Call
  AG523369 Washer, Flat - Hardened 0.94 - Black (28 per) N/A Call
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