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Order pump parts from below if serial tag of pump is stamped with the number 513730 and/or the pump is stamped with the Roman numerals I or II on the pedestal where it connects to the volute.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG324587 Clutch 6 inch Pulley Diameter Call
  AG700509 Coil Assy Only Call
  AG319845 Plate Clutch Mounting Call
  AG703282 Pedestal Frame Call
  AG703286 Backplate Call
  AG706348 Back Plate 316 SS (Optional) Call
  AG703284 Impeller Iron Call
  AG706359 Impellar (316 SS Optional) Call
  AG704610 Casting Volute 4 x 3 inch Hose End Call
  AG711433 Casting Volute 4 x 3 (316 SS Optional) Call
  AG703280 Pump Shaft Call
  AG706328 Shaft 316 SS (Optional) Call
  AG704640 Impeller Retainer Assembly Call
  AG703227 Flinger, Rubber Call
  AG703315 Retainer Bearing Call
  AG512540 Bearing Pump Side Call
  AG514757 Bearing - Pulley Side Call
  AG703238 Key Half - Moon Call
  AG703288 Sleeve Shaft - Stainless Steel Call
  AG703226 Key Impeller - Square Call
  AG703287 O-Ring Shaft - Viton Call
  AG562054 Bolt BackPlate (2-required) Call
  AG523646 Seal Shaft Mark ll (Standard) Call
  AG602787 O-Ring Casing - EPDM Call
  AG707131 O-Ring Housing Viton Call
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