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Designed and built for heavy-duty service. For cleaning equipment, spot spraying in fields, orchards and nurseries. As trigger is drawn back, spray pattern begins as a wide angle cone and narrows to a straight stream when trigger is fully opened. Trigger locks for continuous spraying and a knurled adjustment ring stops trigger at desired position.
Length = 22"
Notes: Inlet is 1/2" and operating response is instant with drip-free shut-off. Available in brass (wt. 3lbs.) or aluminum (wt. 2lbs.).
43L for pressures up to 200 psi
43H for pressures up to 800 psi

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG002516 Gunjet Model 43L-4 Aluminum Call
  AG001572 Gunjet Model 43L-6 Aluminum Call
  AG001570 Gunjet Model 43L-6 Brass Call
  AG001569 Gunjet Model 43H-6 Brass Call
  AG050808 Spare Parts Kit - Aluminum Call
  AG001571 Spare Parts Kit - Brass Call
  AG005489 Brass Swivel 1/2 (M)NPT X 1/2 (F)NPT Call
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