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The Raindrop® flood nozzle is for drift reducing, flooding, broadcast spraying. The flood nozzle’s very wide-angle, flat spray pattern, with the added advantage of the Raindrop’s drift-reduction technology makes the RFLD an excellent choice.

  • Soil-incorporation
  • Pre-emerge applications
  • Post-emerge/systemic applications

  • Excellent spray distribution
  • Large orifice reduces plugging
  • Can be used on 60-inch spacing, at 60-inch heights
  • Nozzle design incorporates pre-orifice and impingement surface to reduce drift
  • Exclusive Delavan-designed automatic nozzle alignment when used with quick couplers; eliminates special couplers to accept pins
  • Quick coupler inlet for quick connect and disconnect
  • Color-coding of popular sizes makes it easy to match nozzle flow rates for easy identification.
Notes: Material is Stainless Steel. Spray Angle varies from 100° to 145° depending on pressure. Maximum recommeded pressure is 125 PSI. Maximum recommended temperature is 120 Degrees F. (50 Degrees C.) Recommended spraying heights at 20" spacing is 14-16", at 30" nozzle spacing is 15-17", at 40" nozzle spacing is 18-20" and at 60" is up to 60". Adjust spray height in the field to overlap approximately 50% of each edge pattern. A nozzle chart is located at the end of the tips listed below. See "Related Parts and Products" for nozzle couplers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG053161 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD15 Call
  AG053162 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD20 - Yellow Call
  AG053163 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD30 - Dark Green Call
  AG053164 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD40 - Red Call
  AG053165 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD50 - Tan Call
  AG053166 Tip Raindrop Flood QC RFLD60 - Purple Call
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