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If you change nozzles frequently during daily field operations, this adjustable flooding nozzle will save time and allow you to cover more acres in a day. The CP Nozzle is available in three sizes—low volume with 8 or 10 orifices, 2.5 through 30, and regular volume with 8 orifices, 5 through 60. The CP nozzle is also available with Turbo Floater tips. Click on part number 058442 to view an image of this nozzle.

The polypropylene body with quick coupler adapter will attach to a 3/4" cam coupling body The nozzle features a stainless steel deflector. The selector comes in poly or stainless steel.

How to Choose the right CP Nozzle:

    Step 1.Select regular or low volume - Pick the best volume match for the majority of applications.
    Step 2.Select 3-Way or 360° Deflector - 3-way gives a superior pattern on regular volume nozzles through broadest range of flow rates and pressures, On 60" spacing using large orfices and higher pressures the 3-way deflector is highly recommended. 3-Way gives superior pattern on low volume nozzle at 30" or 40" spacing at both ends of the flow spectrum. 360° deflector gives good results on 30" centers or less and through mid-range orfices on either regular or low volume nozzles.
    Step 3. Choose Polypropylene or Stainless Steel Selector - Poly selectors are durable and corrosion resistant, inexpensive to replace when orfices show wear. Stainless steel selectors are recommended for abrasives and slurries.
Notes: A CP nozzle chart is located at the end of the nozzles listed below. "See Related Parts and Products" for screens and CP bodies. Regular volume nozzles should be mounted at a maximum of 60" centers with a 36"–60" boom height. Low volume nozzles should be mounted on 40" centers or less. Orientation should be between 0 and 45 degrees upward of ground parallel. Operating pressures between 10 and 40 PSI. The best performance will be achieved by selecting orifices which permit use of mid-range pressures. If wear or damage occurs, deflectors and selectors are replaceable.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG057430 Nozzle Low Volume - 8 Orfice Poly Selector 3-Way SS Deflector with Filter Screen Call
  AG058443 Nozzle Low Volume Turbo Floater - Stainless Turbo Tips Call
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