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TeeJet® Off-Center spray tips are commonly installed in double and single swivel nozzle bodies. Because these bodies are adjustable for angular position, a wide spray swath is easily obtained.

Notes: A nozzle chart is located at the end of the tips listed below. GPA capacities are based on water. See "Related Parts and Products" for swivel nozzle bodies and strainers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG001339 Tip Off Center OC02 - Brass Call
  AG001340 Tip Off Center OC03 - Brass Call
  AG001341 Tip Off Center OC04 Brass Call
  6610348 TIP/BRASS Call
  6610342 TIP/BRASS Call
  AG001344 Tip Off Center OC12 - Brass Call
  AG001345 Tip Off Center OC16 - Brass Call
  AG008939 Tip Off Center OCO3 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG002604 Tip Off Center OC04 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG002584 Tip Off Center OC06 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG002582 Tip Off Center OC08 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG008941 Tip Off Center OC12 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG002583 Tip Off Center OC16 - Stainless Steel Call
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