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Drift Guard flat spray tips are designed with a celcon pre-orifice that produces large droplets to reduce drift. The tip holder is color-coded celcon and the actual spray orifice is stainless steel to provide excellent resistance to corrosive solutions. Due to their flat-spray, tapered-edge pattern, these nozzles should be positioned to overlap adjacent nozzle patterns by a minimum of 30%.


  • Large droplets to reduce drift
  • Removeable pre-orfice
  • Nozzle spacing 20"
  • Spraying pressure 30-60 PSI
  • Pre-emerge surface-applied herbicides
  • Soil incorporated herbicides
  • Post-emerge systemic herbicides
  • Systemic fungicides and insecticides
Notes: Suggested minimum spray height for 80° nozzles on 20" spacing is 17-19", for 110° nozzle is 15-18". Spray pattern should overlap a minimum of 30%. A DG TeeJet® nozzle chart is located at the end of the tips listed below. GPA capacites are based on spraying water @ 70 degrees F. VS tips are stainless steel with VisaFlo® color coding. VP tips are polymer with VisaFlo® color coding. Caps for DG tips are located at the end of the tips listed below. See "Related Parts and Products" for a complete listing of strainers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG052247 Tip DG 80015 VS - Green Call
  AG052246 Tip DG 8002 VS - Yellow Call
  AG052245 Tip DG 8003 VS - Blue Call
  AG052244 Tip DG 8004 VS - Red Call
  AG052243 Tip DG 8005 VS - Brown Call
  AG052242 Tip DG 110015 VS - Green Call
  AG052241 Tip DG 11002 VS - Yellow Call
  AG052240 Tip DG 11003 VS - Blue Call
  AG052239 Tip DG 11004 VS - Red Call
  AG052238 Tip DG 11005 VS - Brown Call
  AG054399 Tip DG 110015 VP - Green Call
  AG054400 Tip DG 11002 VP - Yellow Call
  AG054401 Tip DG 11003 VP - Blue Call
  AG054403 Tip DG 11005 VP - Brown Call
  AG055181 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055182 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
  AG055183 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG055184 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055185 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Green Call
  AG055186 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG055187 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG055188 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Orange Call
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