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Turbo FloodJet® tips are wide angle flat spray tips.

  • Soil Incorporated Herbicides – Use at lower pressures (10-25 psi) to produce larger droplets for reduced drift. Mount on 30-40" spacings.
  • Pre-Emerge Herbicides – Use at 10-25 psi to reduce drift and provide uniform coverage. Also good for broadcast application of liquid fertilizers.
  • Post-Emerge Systemic Herbicides – Use at 20-30 psi to control drift. Provides uniform coverage along spray boom. 30" spacings are suggested for post-emerge applications.


  • Excellent spray distribution for uniform coverage along the boom.
  • Nozzle design incorporates a pre-orifice to produce larger droplets for less drift.
  • Large, round orifice reduces clogging.
  • Color coded for easy identification.
  • Can be used with quick change cap for automatic alignment.


Notes: Suggested minimum spray height at 20" nozzle spacing is 14-16", at 30" spacing is 15-17", and at 40" spacing is 18-20". Adjust spray height in the field to overlap approximately 30% of each edge of pattern. VS tips are stainless steel with VisaFlo® color coding. VP tips are polymer with VisaFlo® color coding. Nozzle caps and strainers for Turbo FloodJet® tips are located at the end of the tips listed below. A Turbo FloodJet® nozzle chart is also located at the end of the tips listed below. Capacities are based on water. See "Related Parts and Products" for strainers, and caps.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG052237 Tip TF-VS2- Red Call
  AG052236 Tip TF-VS2.5 - Brown Call
  AG052235 Tip TF-VS3 - Gray Call
  AG052234 Tip TF-VS4 - White Call
  AG052233 Tip TF-VS5 - Light Blue Call
  AG052232 Tip TF-VS7.5 - Light Green Call
  AG052231 Tip TF-VS10 - Black Call
  AG054220 Tip TF-VP 2 - Red Call
  AG054221 Tip TF-VP 2.5 - Brown Call
  AG054222 Tip TF-VP3 - Gray Call
  AG054223 Tip TF-VP4 - White Call
  AG054227 Tip TF-VP5 - Light Blue Call
  AG054225 Tip TF-VP7.5 - Light Green Call
  AG054226 Tip TF-VP10 - Black Call
  AG055224 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055223 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
  AG055222 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG055221 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055220 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Green Call
  AG055219 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG055218 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG055217 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Orange Call
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