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TeeJet® TP Flat Spray Tips 73° Series are available in Stainless Steel or Brass material.

Notes: Adjust spray height in the field to overlap approximatly 30% of each edge pattern. Caps and Strainers for these 73° tips are located at the end of the tips listed below. A nozzle capacity chart is also located at the end of the tips listed below. GPA capacities are based on water. See "Related Parts and Products" for complete selection of strainers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG001483 Tip Flat 730039 Brass Call
  AG001484 Tip Flat 730077 Brass Call
  AG001485 Tip Flat 730116 Brass Call
  6610332 TIP/25 Call
  AG001489 Tip Flat 730231 Brass Call
  AG001490 Tip Flat 730308 Brass Call
  AG001492 Tip Flat 730385 Brass Call
  AG001494 Tip Flat 730462 Brass Call
  6610338 TIP/25 Call
  AG001497 Tip Flat 730924 Brass Call
  AG005830 Tip Flat 730039 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG006071 Tip Flat 730077 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG006120 Tip Flat 730154 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG001491 Tip Flat 730308 - Stainless Steel Call
  6610371 TIP/STEEL Call
  AG007520 Tip Flat 730924 - Stainless Steel Call
  AG055181 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055182 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
  AG055183 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG055184 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055185 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Green Call
  AG055186 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG055187 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG055188 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Orange Call
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