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Standard Flat Spray Tip

TeeJet® TP flat spray tips are available in 65°, 80°, & 110°. Flat tips can be used with Quick TeeJet® or TeeJet® spray nozzle bodies and fit all farm sprayers.

  • Good spray penetration
  • Uniform coverage along boom
  • Nozzle spacing 20"
  • Spraying pressure - 30 - 60 PSI
  • Brass
  • (SS)-Stainless Steel
  • (VS)- Stainless Steel with VisaFlo® color-coding
Suggested minimum spray heights:
for 65° is 22-24", 80° is 17-19",and 110° is 15-18". Adjust spray height in the field to overlap approximatley 30% of each edge pattern. Nozzle caps for these spray tips are located at the end of the spray tips below. A Nozzle capacity chart is also located at the end of the tips listed below. GPA based on water. See "Related Parts and Products" for a complete listing of strainers.

Cap Part numbers 055181-055188 are for __01 through __08 Tips. (Smaller Capacities)
Cap Part numbers 055180,055206-055212 are for __10 through __20 Tips (Larger Capacities)

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  6641237 TIP/25 Call
  6641251 TIP/STAIN Call
  6641239 TIP/STAIN Call
  AG006472 Tip TP 8003 VS Blue Call
  6641243 TIP/25 Call
  AG006474 Tip TP 8005 VS Brown Call
  6641247 TIP/25 Call
  6641249 TIP/25 Call
  AG007658 Tip TP 11001 VS Orange Call
  AG007673 Tip TP110015 VS Green Call
  AG007672 Tip TP 11002 VS Yellow Call
  AG007671 Tip TP 11003 VS Blue Call
  AG007670 Tip TP 11004 VS Red Call
  AG007669 Tip TP 11005 VS Brown Call
  AG007668 Tip TP 11006 VS Gray Call
  AG006044 Tip TP 11008 VS White Call
  AG007630 Tip TP 650067 SS Call
  AG006136 Tip TP 6501 SS Call
  AG005779 Tip TP 65015 SS Call
  AG001382 Tip TP 6502 SS Call
  AG001385 Tip TP 6503 SS Call
  AG001388 Tip TP 6504 SS Call
  AG006066 Tip TP 6505 SS Call
  AG002607 Tip TP 6506 SS Call
  AG001392 Tip TP 6508 SS Call
  AG002606 Tip TP 6510 SS Call
  AG002608 Tip TP 6515 SS Call
  AG002610 Tip TP 6520 SS Call
  AG007569 Tip TP 800067 SS Call
  AG001399 Tip TP 8001 SS Call
  AG001403 Tip TP 80015 SS Call
  AG001408 Tip TP 8002 SS Call
  AG001414 Tip TP 8003 SS Call
  AG001420 Tip TP 8004 SS Call
  AG001428 Tip TP 8005 SS Call
  AG001434 Tip TP 8006 SS Call
  AG001441 Tip TP 8008 SS Call
  AG001446 Tip TP 8010 SS Call
  AG001449 Tip TP 8015 SS Call
  AG001452 Tip TP 8020 SS Call
  AG007676 Tip TP 11001 SS Call
  AG007674 Tip TP 110015 SS Call
  AG005785 Tip TP 11002 SS Call
  AG005786 Tip TP 11003 SS Call
  AG001365 Tip TP 11004 SS Call
  AG002617 Tip TP 11005 SS Call
  AG006043 Tip TP 11006 SS Call
  AG008593 Tip TP 11008 SS Call
  AG007665 Tip TP 11010 SS Call
  AG008808 Tip TP 11015 SS Call
  AG007666 Tip TP 11020 SS Call
  AG007631 Tip TP 650067 Brass Call
  AG002626 Tip TP 6501 Brass Call
  AG001381 Tip TP 6502 Brass Call
  AG001383 Tip TP 6503 Brass Call
  AG001386 Tip TP 6504 Brass Call
  AG001389 Tip TP 6505 Brass Call
  AG001390 Tip TP 6506 Brass Call
  AG001391 Tip TP 6508 Brass Call
  AG001395 Tip TP 6515 Brass Call
  AG002533 Tip TP 6520 Brass Call
  AG002621 Tip TP 800067 Brass Call
  6641236 TIP/BRASS Call
  6641250 TIP/BRASS Call
  6641238 TIP/BRASS Call
  6641240 TIP/25 Call
  6641242 TIP/25 Call
  6641244 TIP/25 Call
  AG001432 Tip TP 8006 Brass Call
  6641248 TIP/25 Call
  AG001445 Tip TP 8010 Brass Call
  AG001451 Tip TP 8015 Brass Call
  AG001987 Tip TP 8020 Brass Call
  AG005231 Tip TP 8030 Brass Call
  AG427510 Tip TP 8040 Brass Call
  AG053707 Tip TP 8050 Brass Call
  AG427511 Tip TP 8060 Brass Call
  AG007629 Tip TP 11001 Brass Call
  AG007675 Tip TP 110015 Brass Call
  AG005499 Tip TP 11002 Brass Call
  AG006914 Tip TP 11003 Brass Call
  AG002545 Tip TP 11004 Brass Call
  AG006628 Tip TP 11005 Brass Call
  AG006204 Tip TP 11006 Brass Call
  AG006068 Tip TP 11008 Brass Call
  AG002618 Tip TP 11010 Brass Call
  AG005967 Tip TP 11015 Brass Call
  AG007667 Tip TP 11020 Brass Call
  AG055181 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055182 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
  AG055183 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG055184 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055185 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Green Call
  AG055186 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG055187 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG055188 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Orange Call
  AG055180 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Black Call
  AG055212 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - White Call
  AG055211 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Red Call
  AG055210 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Blue Call
  AG055209 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Green Call
  AG055208 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Yellow Call
  AG055207 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Brown Call
  AG055206 Nozzle Cap with Gasket - Orange Call
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