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"Get a real grip on those tough-to- clamp hoses with the stainless steel super clamp!"

Hoses vary in wall thickness and thus the outside diameter also changes. All hose sizes are determined by the inside diameter. Listed below are the common hose sizes next to the clamp size that is frequently used. Be sure to check your hose O.D. and reference the (min,-max.) clamp diameter when selecting hose clamps.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG562667 Super Clamp 1.86 Call
  AG561538 Super Clamp 1.78-2.09 Call
  AG561241 Super Clamp 1.91-2.22 Call
  AG561925 Super Clamp 2.15-2.47 Call
  AG561630 Super Clamp 2.28-2.59 Call
  AG561214 Super Clamp 2.34-2.66 Call
  AG561243 Super Clamp 2.84-3.16 Call
  AG518988 Super Clamp 3.10-3.69 Call
  AG561247 Super Clamp 3.28-3.59 Call
  AG561245 Super Clamp 3.41-3.72 Call
  AG561216 Super Clamp 4.47-4.78 Call
  AG561272 Super Clamp 6.53-6.84 Call
  AG561814 Super Clamp 6.81-7.12 Call
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