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The Hypro 4101N-AH roller pump has 4-rollers and comes with a Ni-Resist housing made of high nickel content alloy for better corrosion resistance. The system is ideal for bulk chemical transfer, fertilizer placement, herbicide banding, nitrogen side-dressing, and orchard and cattle spraying.
  • Max. flow:  7.2 gpm
  • Max. pressure:  50 PSI continuous
  • Viton Seals
  • Super Rollers
Note: "See Related Parts and Products" for motor speed control, and repair parts.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG009204 Hypro Roller Pump & 12 Volt DC Motor Call
  AG009457 Motor Only, 12 Volt DC Call
  AG050467 Pump Only, 4101N-AH Call
  AG006246 Pump Repair Kit Super Rollers Call
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Performance: 13.5 volts (alternator) engine running


0 PSI 30 PSI 30 PSI 50 PSI 50 PSI
GPM Amps GPM Amps GPM Amps
7.6 10.4 5.8 19.6 5.0 26.1