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Diaphragm pumps are lightweight, compact, self-priming, and require less horsepower compared to other pump types with similar flow and pressure ratings. Models which require pulsation dampening have the dampers built onto the manifold. Like piston pumps, diaphragm pumps are positive displacement; output remains constant with pump speed.

Hypro's medium pressure D30 diaphragm pump is recommended for shrub, fruit and ornamental tree spraying as well as ground spraying. Pump has anodized aluminium housing and includes a pulsation dampener. Wetted parts are epoxy-coated for resistance to chemicals and fertilizers.
  • Max. Flow 9.5 gpm
  • Max. Pressure 580 PSI
  • Max rated 550 RPM
  • Max Fluid Temp 140 °F
  • Ports: 1" inlet (hose barb) X 1/2" Outlet (hose barb)
  • Diaphragms: 2 -semi-hydraulic
  • Housing components for liquid handling: epoxy coated
  • Pump shaft rotation CW or CCW
  • Weight: 23 lbs.
  • Gear reduction for engine drive
Performance @ 540RPM
    9.5 GPM @ 50 PSI
    9.3 GPM @ 100 PSI
    9.1 GPM @ 200 PSI
    9.0 GPM @ 300 PSI
    8.7 GPM @ 400 PSI
    8.4 GPM @ 540 PSI
Note: "See Related Parts and Products" for pressure relief valves, and repair parts. Gear reduction includes 6:1 gear box, fits standard 5 HP Gas engines with 3/4" shaft. Control unit for D30 pumps features one pressure relief valve, two 1/2" HB outlets with individual shut-offs.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG052412 D30 Pump with Gear Reduction & Control Call
  AG008338 D30 Pump Only Call
  AG009460 Gear Reduction Only Call
  AG009459 Control Unit Call
  AG008333 Engine 5.5 HP Honda Keyed Shaft 3/4 inch Dia. Call
  AG006726 Diaphragm Repair Kit Call
  AG006724 Shaft Adapter 1-3/8 inch Female PTO Call
  AG008336 Shaft Adapter Kit 1inch Solid Shaft Call
  AG008335 Shaft Adapter Kit 1-3/8(M) Splined PTO Shaft Call
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