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The 150 Series 1-1/2" x 1-1/4" hydraulic-driven centrifugal pump has a 7 GPM hydraulic motor. Its new, larger impeller diameter accounts for its increase in volume and pressure. Standard pump has Viton seal and Valox impeller—iron impeller pump is also available.

Recommended for these hydraulic systems:

  • Pressure compensating John Deere type, closed center
  • Load sensing variable flow Case-I.H. type, closed center
  • Open center systems, 7 to 16 GPM
Note: Check all sprayer components to ensure they can handle the increased performance of the 150 series pump. Maximum pump performance can be established by regulating the flow of hydraulic oil to the motor so that the pump delivers 120 PSI in the deadhead situation (all sprayer functions off including booms, agitation, and by-pass.) See "Related Parts & Products" for Ace 150 replacement parts.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG051612 Pump FMC-150-HYD-206 with Valox Impeller Call
  AG056370 Pump FMC-150-HYD-206 with Iron Impeller Call
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20 GPM 40 GPM 60 GPM 80 GPM 100 GPM

120 PSI

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