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User friendly: Operating Dry Mate is simple. The handles interlock making it easy to identify which handle opens or closes first. No guessing involved! The two Dry Mate halves couple together with cam levers for positive engagement.

Design: The Banjo Dry Mate is designed for safe and easy spill-free connections. The “double ball” design allows maximum flow while the cam lever style of connection is the most recognized fluid connector.

Note: for a complete valve assembly you must order a male and female valve assembly.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG054881 Dry Mate Valve 2 inch Male Dry x 2 inch (F)NPT Call
  AG054882 Dry Mate Valve 2 inch Female Dry x 2 inch (F)NPT Call
  AG055679 Dry Mate Cap 2 inch Call
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