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12 volt electric regulators allow the operator to adjust spraying pressure from the comfort of the seat with fingertip ease. Switch and wiring sold separately.

The 3/4 inch and 1 inch Texas Remcor electric pressure regulators are equipped with precision high torque motor, gear reduction, and a high strength valve body for heavy duty service. Chemical resistant glass-filled nylon body, stainless steel motor shaft and butterfly, and viton seal. Low current draw 50 MA at 12-volt. Maximum recommended pressure, 150 PSI. Speed at 12 volts = 1 RPM or at 6 Volts = .5 RPM.

Model 1560 - 3/4 inch NPT 3/4 inch orfice and close-tolerence butterfly for use as either a bypass regulator or throttling valve. Use for flow rates up to 50 GPM.
Model 1541 - 1 inch NPT with 1 inch orfice. Use for flow rates from 15 to 100 GPM.

Optional switch and wiring kit includes a two-way switch with an 8 ft. battery power cord and 8 ft. of wires from switch to regulator connector.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG007984 Regulator Valve 3/4 inch Call
  AG007985 Regulator Valve 1 inch Call
  AG710192 Switch and Wiring for Electric Regulators Call
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