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The 744A Controls provide up to 3-section boom shut-off and pressure control. They can be adapted to provide operating pressure at two levels.
For those requiring boom pressures up to 100 PSI (7 bar), the 744A is available in kit form with a 244 regulator valve and 144A DirectoValve® control valves. 145 valves can also be adapted for boom section on/off. For pressures up to 300 PSI (21 bar), the 344EC electric-operated ball valves can be connected for reliable pressure regulation and boom shutoff control.

  • Replaceable boom section and boom master switches are elastomer sealed for weather-resistent service
  • The heavy-duty boom master switch is sealed with a molded silicon bushing and pinned for rugged durability and extended service life
  • Replaceable LED lights indicate boom section power on status
  • New, brighter replaceable lighting for gauge face improve nighttime visibility
  • Liquid Gauges are designed for easy field replacement in 100 PSI (7 bar)
  • Every 744A is available with a responsive 244 Pressure Regulator and DirectoValve control valves in kit form
  • 744A Controls can operate up to three 144, 144A, 145, or up to three 146 DirectoValve control valves
  • For boom pressures up to 300 PSI (21 bar), the 744A can be configured with a 344E-2PR pressure regulator and 344EC shutoff valves
  • Include all necessary mounting hardware - bracket, bolts, wiring harness and gauge connections
  • An easily replaceable automotive blade fuse protects the systems from electrical overload
  • An optional isolator kit for a chemical - free sprayer cab is available
  • 100% factory tested to meet traditional TeeJet quality assurance standards
Note: These 744 control kits come standard with 16 ft. of harness. If additional harness length is required order either the 8 or 15 ft. extension harness. See "Related Parts and Products" for other valve options, 744A parts, and isolator kit. These controllers will only operate 3 boom sections.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG052274 Control Kit 744A w/Liquid Gauge, 3/4 Regulator, Less Valves Call
  AG052276 Control Kit 744A w/Liquid Gauge, 3-144A Valves, and 3/4 Regulator Call
  AG050651 Gauge Isolator Kit - 1/8 inch Call
  AG050659 Gauge Isolator Kit - 1/4 inch Call
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