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Put the proven electronic technology to work in your fields - cutting costs and increasing productivity - with the compact, easy-to-operate CCS100 Custom Control System.
Once you program the system for your required gallons per acre application rate (or lbs. per acre of NH3), the CCS100 gives you fully automatic control as your ground speed changes. The CCS100 system is designed for maximum precision and minimum maintenance.

With a CCS100 you can instantly change application rates on the go. A high-speed valve responds in under 2 seconds, fully opened to fully closed. A handy remote module puts shut-off and flush control right at your fingertips.
Now, the exclusive technology of the Dickey-john Thermal Transfer Unit gives you precision control for anhydrous ammonia. The Thermal Transfer Unit is a liquid-to-liquid heat exchanger that installs quickly and requires no vapor tubes.
Best of all, this system is competitively priced - for even faster payback.

The console, radar speed sensor, and control valve are common components used in both liquid and anhydrous systems. A pressure sensor is required for liquid systems while a flow sensor and Thermal Tranfer Unit are the two items unique to an anhydrous system.

Note: The combination liquid and anhydrous kit includes all the components to apply liquid up to 45 GPM and anhydrous up to 4200 lbs/hr. This kit includes a Dickey-john Radar speed sensor.

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