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Gator Guide

These units are fully assembled and included a 16-Gallon or 24-Gallon poly tank, stand, and the injection module as described below. All other components such as console, cables, mixer, control valve, flowmeter, and speed sensor must be ordered separately. The following is the formula to determine the correct injection module.
    Speed (MPH) x Boom Width (") x Rate (oz/acre) / 5940 = oz. per minute.
    Example: Speed is 5.2 MPH, Boom Width is 480", and rate desired is 48 oz/acre.
    5.2MPH x 480" x 48 oz. / 5940 = 20.2 oz. per minute
Note: One injection module is required for each chemical being injected. The module includes a positive displacement metering pump driven by a 12-volt motor. Also included in this completely assembled package is a motor control, flow switch, vacuum switch, three-way valve, and a stainless steel housing.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  511963D1 PUMP-INJ,RVN Call
  AG426852 Pump Motor Asm (1-40 oz./min) Call
  AG426584 Module 24-Gallon (5-200 oz./min) Call
  AG426604 Module 24-Gallon (1-40 oz./min) Call
  511965D1 NODE-PUMP DRIVE,RVN,360 Call
  AG426606 Can Motor Control w/Agitator Control Call
  AG331521 Can Motor Control Power Cable 35 feet Call
  AG133030 Motor Control (non-can systems) Call
  511966D1 KIT-MTG,NODE,RVN Call
  AG609185 Controller Elec Motor Call
  AG426865 Can Motor Control w/Agitator Control Kit Call
  AG726884 Manifold Flow Switch Retrofit Asy Call
  AG713955 Tank 24-gal (for agitation) Call
  AG426869 24-gal Tank Saddle Only Call
  AG713956 Agitator Kit for 8-gal Tank Call
  AG426870 15-gal Agitator Call
  AG426871 30-gal Agitator Call
  AG426872 3 inch Blade Mix All Electric Agitator Call
  AG426873 4 inch Blade Mix All Electric Agitator Call
  AG426874 30 foot Extension Cable for Agitators Call
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