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The SCS 700/710 controls the amount of chemical being injected for up to two different chemicals. This console can also control both electric or hydraulic valves for carrier control. The 700 is capable of controlling up to a three-section boom, and the 710 up to a six-section boom. Both consoles include a serial interface.

The first step in setting up your injection system is determining if you need a high or low rate system. A low rate system can inject product from .5 to 40 ounces per minute while a high rate system can deliver from 2.5 to 200 ounces per minute. The formula below is used to determine the system required.

    Speed(MPH) x Boom Width (") x Rate (oz/acre) / 5940 = oz. per minute.
    Example: Speed is 5.2 MPH, Boom Width is 480 inches, and rate desired is 48 oz/acre.
    5.2MPH x 480" x 48 oz. / 5940 = 20.2 oz. per minute
Notes: Components of a complete system are: console, cables, flowmeter, control valve, mixer, injection module, speed sensor, and chemical tanks. See "Related Parts and Products" for these items, and console parts.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG712564 Product Cable - 21 ft. (one product cable required for every two products being injected) Call
  AG715076 Product Extension Cable - 12 Ft Call
  AG055899 RS232 Communications Cable - 10 feet Call
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