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The SCS 750 console can independently control liquid or granular and hydraulic systems at the same time. The console can regulate five chemicals, or up to four chemicals and a carrier at the same time. Information monitored includes distance traveled, speed, volume in tanks, total volume applied, volume per minute, total acres covered, field volume applied, and field area applied. Audible and visual alarms warn operator of a deviation from programmed rates.

The first step in setting up your injection system is determining if you need a high or low rate system. A low rate system can inject product from .5 to 40 ounces per minute while a high rate system can deliver from 2.5 to 200 ounces per minute. The formula below is used to determine the system required.
    Speed(MPH) x Boom Width (") x Rate (oz/acre) / 5940 = oz. per minute.
    Example: Speed is 5.2 MPH, Boom Width is 480 inches, and rate desired is 48 oz/acre.
    5.2MPH x 480" x 48 oz. / 5940 = 20.2 oz. per minute
Notes: A SCS 750 system is sold as separate components. The primary components needed are: A.) console and cables; B.) flowmeter; C.) control valve; D.) mixer; E.) injection module; F.) speed sensor; G.) chemical tank(s); H.) boom control box – 5 or 10 boom. Other items that may be required include check valves, shut-off valves, and plumbing fittings. Contact us for assistance in selecting the right components for your injection system.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG724641 SCS 760 Console - Combo - Liquid/Granular Call
  AG712565 Console Cable 3 ft. Call
  AG712564 Product Cable - 21 ft. (one product cable required for every two products being injected) Call
  AG712563 5-Boom Control Box and Cable Call
  AG715663 10-Boom Control Box and Cable Call
  AG710554 Adapter Cable Call
  AG710752 Inline Mixer 1-1/4 inch (F)NPT - Poly Call
  AG055833 Inline Mixer 2 inch (F) Poly Call
  AG608935 Inline Mixer 3 inch (M)NPT - Stainless Steel Call
  AG716642 Check, Valve 3/8 inch Call
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