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Now you can bulk load from a nurse truck to a sprayer tank or from a chemical bulk tank to a transport truck economically and dependably. The Flow Max 110 measures the liquid being pumped from one tank to another. An in-line flowmeter (not included) provides a signal to the 110 monitor which displays a readout in either gallons or liters.

The 110 console is an economical, single product flow monitor that provides the same reliable service and quality you have come to expect in other Raven flow control systems. Display features include batch volume, rate of flow, total volume measured, and sub volume measured. Operates on 12V, DC or 110V, AC with any standard AC to DC converter.

Notes: The Flow Max 110 requires a Raven flowmeter, which must be purchased separately. Raven offers a variety of flowmeters which allow the Flow Max 110 to accurately meter a wide range of flow rates and accommodate a variety of plumbing sizes. See "Related Parts and Products" for Raven flowmeters.

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