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Designed for either liquid or granular single-product automatic control. Console has nonvolatile memory, printer output, and 2-way communication for uploading and downloading GPS information. One simple programming step allows you to choose between liquid or granular control features.

Liquid control features are similar to the SCS 440. Granular features include off rate, flow, left and right shaft, and bin level alarms, fan RPM, and spreader constant (density).

Notes: The 661 can control up to 10 booms. As the 660/661 does not have switches it requires an additional boom switch console. View "Related Parts and Products" for Raven flowmeters, valves and SCS 660 parts. Call for 661 cable part numbers.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG521590 SCS 660 Console with Serial Interfacer Call
  AG523542 SCS 661 Console with Serial Interface Call
  AG055685 Power Cable Use when Connecting to Existing Switches in Place of Boom Switch Box Cable Call
  AG716268 Console Cable - 3 Ft 460/660 Controller Only Call
  AG716496 Flow Control Cable 21 ft.- Granular 660 Controller Call
  AG716266 Flow Control Cable - 24 ft.- Liquid 660 Controller Call
  AG708785 Flowmeter Extension Cable 6 ft. Call
  AG708709 Flowmeter Extension Cable 12 ft Call
  AG608979 Speed Sensor Extension Cable 12ft Call
  AG708726 Speed Sensor Extension Cable 24 ft Call
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