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SCS 330 kits offer economical automatic rate control of one chemical for liquid applications. The SCS 330 will maintain a programmed application rate regardless of speed changes. The SCS 330 provides control of up to 3 boom sections. Features include flow rate, distance traveled, speed, total volume applied, and total area worked.

To choose the correct kit determine the flow requirements and match with correct flowmeter using the following formula.

    GPM = GPA x Speed in MPH x Boom Width in Inches / 5940.

    Flow Meter ranges are:
      -RFM 15 .3-15 GPM
      -RFM 55 1-55 GPM
      -RFM 60 1-60GPM
      -RFM 100 3-100GPM
      -RFM 200 15-200GPM

Note: Kits include SCS 330 console, control valve, flow meter, cables and may include a speed sensor. Click on part number to view what is in each kit.
**Dickey-john gun not included, order separately if needed.

  SKU Description Price Quantity
  AG715699 SCS 330 Kit - RFM 15 Flow Meter - 3/4 inch Valve - Wheel Drive Speed Sensor Call
  AG715697 SCS 330 Kit - RFM 15 Flow Meter - 3/4 inch Valve - Raven Radar Call
  AG711009 Dickey-john Radar Sensor with Mounting Bracket Call
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